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Good Morning Babies

Coming out of their heated house  for a bottle and play

Down on the farm!

Triplets take a tumble on their first walk:  Brand new to the world; Ralph, Ramona, and Otis decide to play during their first steps!

Milking Time!  Our goats know when it is time to milk and come in order!

 Jake the dog cleans the new baby goats while Joe the cat snuggles. 

Bubba (Great Pyrenees)

We have two Great Pyrenees, Ralph (known as Bubba) and Sam.  Looney Toons fans are the only ones laughing right now.

Bubba and Sam tip the scales over 140 pounds each.  Don't worry though, they hate coyotes and love ear rubs from humans!

Since our animals roam freely, Bubba and Sam are essential to the safety of our livestock.